How to make mime makeup

This is very simple technical mime makeup.

The most striking attribute of this theatrical makeup is the white face. All mimes be dressed in special makeup (either cake, clown white or grease white) to whiten their faces before applying a variety of black eyeliner techniques around the eyes. Using makeup specifically geared toward performers is important because your average drugstore cosmetics aren’t formulated the same way stage makeup is. Wearing makeup made to withstand hot lights and activity will ensure that your perfect mime face stays that way.

In this examlpe you will have minimum artistic skills and will use just two colors, black and white.

If you wearing a mime costume, put it on before starting the makeup. Then keep the costume from getting makeup on it with an aged button-down shirt.

Start with a just now washed face. Clip hair away from the face to make applying the makeup easier.

Using  white oil base and finger, draw a line along the jaw and go on around the face, staying about an inch away from the hair.mime makup

Fill in the entire face with white paint, being careful to keep it consistent. mime makup When the white face is on, tap all face with the finger.mime makup Now, using fat brush applied powder. mime makup

mime makup

With wet q-tips you will make a border. mime makupUsing toothpick drawing eyebrows and lips.If your drawing looks badly, you  can simple fill it with white base.Mime makeup
Now you will fill lips and eyebrows. Use for this a thin brush and black paint or pencil eyeliner. For drawing thin lines you can use pinky for help.Mime makeupMime makeupMime makup

After that you will start with eyes. They may be drawn to reflect an emotion.  Draw a black line along the top lid and lower lid of the eye. There are several variations on eye makeup, including short vertical lines just above and below the middle of each line, large “eyelashes” drawn over each eye, elongated triangles under each eye, or tears underneath the eye. Be careful and shake off brush with black paint and use napkin. Your face is white and it will be very hard to clean it up. Don’t forget about pinky.Mime makeup

Mime makeup is almost done!

Mime makeupThanks a lot to Linna for material  . Original video:

All this thing’s from Amazon can help you to be a mime:

Mehron Clown White Lite

16 oz                               2 oz
This make up goes on very easily and covers great without feeling greasy. I haven’t worn halloween make up in years because most of the halloween specific stuff you find in stores is irritating after a little while of wearing it. I researched what professional actors and clowns use and this was one of the top choices. Having tried it out, this stuff doesn’t even feel like I have any make up on. I put a small amount on my finger, and dotted it all over my face for a smooth even coverage that barely used any of the container. It looks like I will get several dozen full facial coverages, if not more from this container even though the container is not that large. It just doesn’t take much makeup to cover. This is the same makeup many professional clowns use, so it is designed to resist running and turning to mess if you start sweating. Important for me being in Texas where it can still be around 100 degrees outside on any given day around Halloween. I will get a much longer test of the make up this Halloween weekend, but so far it looks like it is all that was advertised.

Snazaroo 18ml Black Face Paint Refill

and brushes:

FINE ROUND BRUSH-Black Handle Snazaroo Face Painting Brush

LARGE FLAT BRUSH-White Handle Snazaroo Face Painting Brush


Mime makeup

I will explain, how to be a mime and make a mime makeup  

It’s not diffiсult 🙂
1 Сlean and dry face

clean the face

2 Shave


3  Put hair back  and leave up for performance

hair back

4 Lets go.  Outlining the face with white.

5 Powder well

white skin

6 Outline eyes and lips. Fill in lips with red lipstick.


7 Enjoy



I thin you understood, how to macke mime makeup.